The Client: 

KESZ is a Hungarian group that has been present for 30 years in the construction industry and other business areas offering complex solutions.

As a construction company group is present in neighboring countries and exports worldwide. However, not only active in the construction industry, but also invests, develops businesses and innovative opportunities for research, embraces, develops.

The Challenge

The website at the same time must be shown to be the central site of a multinational company operating in several large business sectors, but must also contain messages of his companies acting in the different business sectors. Each member company should be reflected in the appearance sections of the holding company's appearance, but also clearly show your own characteristic, their activities as well. KESZ Holding website represents brand, and provides information about activities of the group companies.

The Approach

KESZ website should reflect the image of an innovation and reliable, multinational company that is committed and practicing on a daily basis of a modern large company as well. Accordingly the Drupal website based on the most advanced technologies where the goal at first glance appears that the KESZ is a diverse, multicultural company operating in many industries, but these industries are knowledge centers and the visitors can quickly find the most interested topics among the companies.