The Client: 

KESZ is a Hungarian group that has been present for 30 years in the construction industry and other business areas offering complex solutions.

As a construction company group is present in neighboring countries and exports worldwide. However, not only active in the construction industry, but also invests, develops businesses and innovative opportunities for research, embraces, develops.


The Mitfahrer is a resource-based, modular architecture ERP system, which itself is capable of supporting operating processes in project-oriented companies even in multi-national environments. As an integrated ERP system is capable of effectively working together with existing enterprise systems. The resources of a company are the company's employees, partners, fixed assets, stocks, end funds. Mitfahrer manages these resources by supporting the corresponding modules of the corporate action processes.

The Mitfahrer system is under continuous development, and it will be introduced a range of business modules, which can trigger off some systems by the end of the year 2016.

Mitfahrer business modules

  • Human Module
  • Project Module
  • SLA management
  • Fleet Management Module
  • SLA Module
  • Mail Module
  • Credit Module
  • CRM Module